What Did the 3rd Belt and Road Forum Mean for Africa? by Trevor Lwere

14 Nov 2023

The Diplomats’ newest article on the 3rd Belt and Road Forum and its implications for the African continent titled “What Did the 3rd Belt and Road Forum Mean for Africa?” and authored by Trevor Lwere, has highlighted the most important developments in Sino-African relations.

Lwere states that the forum highlighted China’s commitment to infrastructure development, economic cooperation, and cultural exchanges with African nations.

However, the author later adds that concerns were raised about debt sustainability and the potential impact on local economies, prompting a closer examination of the evolving dynamics between China and Africa in the context of the BRI.

“Overall, the third BRF carried some optimism for African countries and their development aspirations with China’s new funding commitments for BRI cooperation projects as well as China’s renewed commitment to “signature projects.” However, and perhaps partly due to China’s own economic considerations as well as (unnecessary) calls from the G-7 and others for China to lend “more responsibly,” it seems African countries may well have to work harder to ensure the opportunities presented by the BRF enhance the continent’s economic growth and development. “

You can find the full article here.

Image: Oleg – stock.adobe.com