The First Casualties of US Hardening Toward China by Zhao Wencai

19 Oct 2023

In their newest article “The First Casualties of US Hardening Toward China” published by The Diplomat, author Zhao Wencai provides us with valuable insights on the contemporary consequences of US-China relations on the basis of an interview Chinese businessman Lv Qing.

As Zhao states, Lv Qing and many other oversea Chinese businesspeople are increasingly turning their attention to U.S. geopolitics due to a growing perception of hostility in U.S. policies towards China. This shift in focus has been prompted by measures such as the ban on Xinjiang cotton and other sanctions, leading to significant business losses and challenges for Chinese entrepreneurs dealing with American clients.

“Most Chinese like me simply want to live a peaceful life and do business with Americans like before, but there is a growing concern that the era where cooperation outweighed competition in China-U.S. relations may never be revived.”

You can find the full article here.

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