The debate about ‘Independence for Taiwan’ by John Lander

23 May 2023

Author and former deputy ambassador John Lander discusses the complex matter of Taiwan’s status within the framework of the One China Policy in his latest article “The debate about ‘Independence for Taiwan’” in John Menadue’s Public Publicy Journal.

The author examines the historical context on Taiwan’s independence status and emphasizes on the PRC’s determination to maintain their One China Policy and the US’ endorsement of Taiwanese independence. Drawing from his foreign affairs background, Lander then provides the following advice for Australia’s (non-)involvement:

“The best contribution Australia can make to the avoidance of war is to make it absolutely clear to the USA, Taiwan and the PRC that Australia will not participate in a war over the status of Taiwan and will not allow Australian territory, facilities or assets to be used in the prosecution of such a war.”

You can read the full article here

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