It’s time for the west and the rest to talk to each other as equals

22 Dec 2023

The newest article in “Financial Times” delves into diplomatic and economic relations between Western countries and other parts of the world.
The author of the article argues that the West’s historical prestige is waning due to perceived geopolitical shortcomings and structural issues, exemplified by Brexit and the rise of populist leaders. Specific instances, like the ASEAN bloc’s economic outperformance over the European Union and questions about the effectiveness of sanctions on Russia, highlight a deeper decline in Western influence.

He also emphasizes the growing perception in the global south that the West lacks genuine concern for their issues, such as uneven access to COVID-19 vaccines. Despite this detachment, the author stresses the ongoing imperative for a respectful dialogue to address shared global challenges in our interconnected world.

To this, the author adds:

“We have to talk to each other. But we must do so as equals. The condescension must end. The time has come for a dialogue based on mutual respect between the west and the rest.”

You can find the full article here.

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