In the Name of Energy Security, China Is Doubling Down on Both Renewables and Coal by Zoe Leung

05 Jul 2023

In their most recent article “In the Name of Energy Security, China Is Doubling Down on Both Renewables and Coal”, published by The Diplomat, Zoe Leung, provides valuable information regarding China’s energy security.

Global attention to energy security has intensified due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, causing disruptions in fossil fuel supplies and prices. China, facing significant energy demand and limited domestic supply, is faced with the challenge of ensuring affordable and secure energy resources.

Although China has experienced substantial growth in renewable energy capacity, particularly in solar, wind, and hydropower, its simultaneous expansion of coal projects raises concerns about its ability to transition away from fossil fuels. The Chinese government cautiously balances the need for energy demand stability with long-term self-reliance and security, emphasizing innovation in the clean energy sector to address challenges in energy inefficiency and storage capacity.

Expanding on this argument, Leung further elaborates: “We will continue to see China doubling down on both renewables and high efficiency coal power simultaneously to chart its own path to meet its development, climate, and security goals. Beijing’s ability to commit to and pursue these objectives is of direct consequence to its legitimacy and the world’s climate mitigation efforts.”

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