Germany’s National Security Strategy and the China Challenge by Tim Hildebrandt

28 Jun 2023

In his latest article “Germany’s National Security Strategy and the China Challenge”, published by The Diplomat, Tim Hildebrandt describes Sino-German relations amidst Germany’s first national security strategy.

Germany’s first national security strategy, adopted by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s administration on May 14, emphasizes a comprehensive approach to security policy, prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It defines Germany as an actor committed to protecting democracy and human rights globally. The strategy identifies China as a partner, competitor, and systemic rival, highlighting increased rivalry due to China’s actions. While recognizing the need to engage with China, the strategy focuses on countering threats to German interests, with a clear emphasis on countering China’s influence. The future shape of Germany’s partnership with China hence remains uncertain, in the opinion of the author.

Hildebrandt further states:

“If the positions outlined in the security strategy become the basis for Germany’s China policy in the coming years, this could lead to an increase in tension between Berlin and Beijing and make the goal of economic cooperation more difficult.”

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