On January 16, 2024, Global Neighbours hosted a luncheon at Baur au Lac in Zurich featuring Dr. Xu Feiyu, scholar, entrepreneur, and Global Neighbours advisory board member. Attendees embarked on an exploration of the latest trends and challenges in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Dr. Xu Feiyu is the co-founder at nyonic, leading the development of large language models and generative AI solutions for global industries. Previously, she was Senior Vice President at SAP SE, acting as the company’s Global Head of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Xu has received numerous awards and fellowship, including a Google Focused Research Award and a fellowship by German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). She holds a PhD in applied NLP and has written her habilitation treatise on big-data text analytics at Saarland University.

Dr. Xu’s presentation centred on the evolutionary journey of AI, from its roots in traditional machine learning to the dynamic landscape of generative AI. Attendees gained insights into the expanding horizons of AI, which now boasts capabilities beyond human imagination. Dr. Xu introduced the remarkable progress in generative AI, showcasing the ground-breaking capabilities of Chat GPT and its vast user base. Delving into the regulatory landscape, she discussed the implications of the upcoming European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act and emphasized the need for nuanced understanding of AI regulation.

Dr. Xu highlighted the diverse applications of AI across industries, emphasizing its pivotal role in corporate settings, particularly in knowledge management and enhancing customer experiences. Attendees discussed AI’s potential to revolutionize media while acknowledging ethical considerations and challenges.

Looking ahead, Dr. Xu outlined future trends in AI, including the integration of vertical systems and the imperative for robust regulatory governance. Dr. Xu gave attendees a compelling glimpse into the transformative power of AI and the importance of responsible innovation in shaping its future trajectory.

Organizer: Global Neighbours GmbH/e.V.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Xu Feiyu
Date & Location: 16 January 2024 at the Baur au Lac Hotel Zurich

Image: 1st footage – stock.adobe.com