China-Latin America Relations Amid the Pink Tide 2.0 by Lunting Wu

01 Jun 2023

In his latest article titled “China-Latin America Relations Amid the Pink Tide 2.0” published by The Diplomat, Lunting Wu provides an insightful analysis of the resurgence of Left-Wing political parties in Latin America and the subsequent implications for diplomatic relations with China.

Left-wing parties have made a comeback in Latin America, assuming governance in the region’s five most populous countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Referred to as Pink Tide 2.0, the author argues that this resurgence has reignited diplomatic and economic relations between Latin American nations and China. While the political alignment between these governments and Beijing plays a significant role, the relationship is predominantly driven by pragmatic considerations from both sides. The current manifestation of leftist politics in Latin America diverges from the initial Pink Tide, as present leaders confront heightened domestic polarization, limited autonomy in pursuing ideologically-charged foreign policies, and an amplified focus on cultivating robust economic ties with China.

Expanding on this argument, Wu further states: “However, their influence should be viewed soberly, due to the broader underlying structural conditions (i.e. economic complementarity and the China-U.S. rivalry), the consistency of foreign policies in each country, as well as the unique features of the leftist governments in the current Pink Tide.”

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