A Warm July in China-Nicaragua Relations by Ladislav Charouz

11 Aug 2023

In an article published by The Diplomat and written by Ladislav Charouz, the author provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments in China-Nicaragua relations.

July marked significant developments for both parties. The fourth round of negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) took place in Managua, with participation from China’s vice minister of commerce and Nicaragua’s minister of development, industry, and trade. Presidential Advisor Laureano Ortega Murillo’s visit to China reaffirmed Nicaragua’s commitment to the One China principle and solidified bilateral cooperation agreements. This shift in alignment, according to the author, stems from Nicaragua’s pursuit of strategic partnerships during its democratic crisis, aimed at gaining investments and aid. However, concerns persist over trade imbalances and the FTA’s potential impact. The outcome hinges on the stability of leadership transitions and China’s fulfillment of commitments:

Following this Charouz states: “It remains to be seen whether Ortega’s bet on Beijing will pay off, and whether Nicaragua itself will prove to be consistent in its new diplomatic direction. Ortega’s behavior toward Taiwan was at times highly volatile, and there is no guarantee China will receive more respect if it comes to be viewed as underdelivering on its promises.”

You can find the full article here.

Image: sezerozger – stock.adobe.com