Will China Replace the US As Saudi Arabia’s Main Ally? by Aparna Divya

02 Jul 2024

In their recent article, published by The Diplomat, Aparna Divya discusses Saudi Arabia’s relationship with China and the U.S.

According to the author, Saudi Arabia is balancing its strategic alliance with the U.S. and growing economic ties with China, highlighted by partnerships in AI, renewable energy, and smart cities. Despite economic benefits from China, Saudi Arabia relies on the U.S. for security, especially against Iran. China’s non-interference policy and limited military presence contrast with the U.S.’s comprehensive security umbrella.

While economic cooperation with China is set to increase, Saudi Arabia’s deep-rooted security ties with the U.S. are unlikely to be replaced, as Divya states.

The author, however, adds the following:

“Given the increasingly apparent China-U.S. rivalry, it would be critical to consider Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical orientation. The shifting dynamics and historical context are just two of the factors that will impact Saudi Arabia’s stance.”

You can find the full article here.

Image: fatih – stock.adobe.com