Chinese Leadership’s In-House Lecture Offers Valuable Insights into China’s AI Strategy by Lizzi C. Lee

03 Jul 2024

The Diplomat has recently published an article titled “Chinese Leadership’s In-House Lecture Offers Valuable Insights into China’s AI Strategy”, written by Lizzi C. Lee, in which she summarizes China’s current AI strategy, as presented by Professor Sun Ninghui, one of China’s leading computer scientists.

Lee states that, in his lecture to China’s leadership, Professor Sun elaborated on the country’s AI strategy, addressing the dual nature of AI as both a critical opportunity and a significant risk. He emphasized the necessity of advancing AI integration within the real economy to foster technological growth while mitigating the impacts of U.S. tech restrictions. Sun called for the development of a robust domestic AI ecosystem and the diversification of supply chains to reduce reliance on U.S. technologies. He outlined three strategic pathways, focusing on global collaboration, innovation, and industrial enhancement through AI. Beijing remains committed to leveraging AI to strengthen its industrial base and achieve technological self-sufficiency.

To this, the author adds:

“Sun’s lecture was more than an informative session for China’s legislators. It should be seen as a strategic manifesto as Beijing is eager to craft a comprehensive and forward-looking AI strategy. This rare glimpse into the top leadership’s thinking offers a sharp, critical perspective on how China plans to harness AI to maintain its competitive edge in the high-stakes tech arena.”

You can find the full article here.

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