A new ‘coalition of the unwilling’ by Jay Vinayak Ojha

10 Jul 2024

In his recent article for the Asia Research Institute, Jay Vinayak Ojha examines India’s strategic foreign policy shift under Prime Minister Modi. “India’s foreign policy is increasingly driven by a desire to avoid entanglements in great power conflicts, asserting its own sovereignty and interests,” Ojha notes. India is prioritizing pragmatic alliances and national interests, balancing its relationships with the U.S., China, and the Global South. This policy is rooted in nationalism and anti-colonialism, reflecting India’s civilizational role in global affairs. By fostering ties with the U.S. while maintaining autonomy and leveraging multilateral platforms like BRICS, India aims to advocate for the Global South and navigate a multipolar world.

Furthermore, Ojha describes the shift as “the third stream of India’s foreign policy which presents the most unrealised potential: its renewed vision of a ‘Global South,’ realised through multilateral institutions such as BRICS.” 

You can find the full article here.

Image: GEMINI – stock.adobe.com